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Release date: August 19th, 2020


Attribute (Element)

  • We introduced the capabilities property to describe what an attribute is capable of.

AttributeCapabilities (Element)

  • We introduced this element to describe what an attribute is capable of.


Module (StructuralUnit)

  • We introduced the appStorePackageId property.


ConsumedODataService (ModelUnit)

  • We introduced the versionApiMockResults property to mock results for the Version API.


TemplateType, RegularPageTemplateType, EditPageTemplateType & SelectPageTemplateType (Elements)

  • We introduced these elements.

PageTemplate (ModelUnit)

  • We introduced the templateType property.
  • We deleted the type property. Use the templateType property instead.

TemplatePlaceholder (Element)

  • We introduced this element.

Appearance (Element)

  • We introduced the dynamicClasses property.

Grid (Element)

  • We introduced the showPagingBar property.
  • We deleted the isPagingEnabled property. Use the showPagingBar property instead.

TabPage (Element)

  • We introduced the badge property.

WorkflowTemplateType, UserTaskTemplateType, WorkflowOverviewTemplateType, CallWorkflowClientAction, OpenUserTaskClientAction, OpenWorkflowClientAction & SetTaskOutcomeClientAction (Elements)

  • We introduced these elements.


Workflow (ModelUnit)

  • We introduced the dueDate property.

UserTask (Element)

  • We added the public page property.
  • We introduced the dueDate property.

EnumerationValueOutcomeValue, BooleanOutcomeValue, ExclusiveSplitActivity & CallWorkflowActivity (Elements)

  • We introduced these elements.