Front End

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1 Introduction

Looking to create great user experiences and a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for your app? You will find all the information you need here, from how to create pages to how to set up the navigation structure and implement best practices.

2 Main Documents in This Category

  • Atlas UI – introduces you to the Mendix Atlas UI design framework
  • Customize Your Styling – explains Calypso, a GUI styling tool which helps you customize your Mendix app’s styling quickly and easily, as well as a Gulp styling approach for a subset of users
  • Implement Best Practices for UX Design – presents best practices written by a UX Designer for contributing to the app development process
  • Use Navigation Layouts – explains how to choose, design, and configure your navigation layouts.
  • Configure Your Theme – explains how to configure the styling of your page in Studio Pro and Studio
  • Use the Charts Widgets – these how-to’s will help you create and fine-tune your chart widgets
  • Create Your First Two Overview & Detail Pages – introduces how to create overview and detail pages as well as configure navigation and security
  • Use Layouts & Snippets – covers the basics of creating pages using style layouts and snippets
  • Implement Styles – explains how to use class names to implement text and background colors, typography, buttons, list views, alerts, and other elements
  • Create Custom Error Pages – explains how to create a professional looking error page that will appear when your app is down
  • Style Google Maps – shows how you can enhance your app’s map overviews with improved styling