Mendix Platform SDK

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Your Learning Path for the Mendix SDK

Before the Mendix SDK can make your life easier, there’s some learning to do. Follow the step-by-step guides listed below to learn everything you need about using the SDK. After finishing the learning path, you’ll not only know how to use the SDK, but also how all the parts fit together. See the full program >>

Learning Path

Reference Documentation

Browse the compiled documentation about the Mendix Metamodel, as well as external resources you can use as a reference for programming with the Mendix SDK.

Understanding the Metamodel

Mendix Model SDK

Other Resources

Need Help?

Check whether your question is answered in the frequently asked questions section. Otherwise, ask your question in the Beta Program project on the platform or in our Gitter chat room. Check out the technical specifications of the Mendix Platform SDK and Model API.

If you need help with JavaScript/TypeScript, you can go to our JavaScript & TypeScript resources page.

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