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1 Introduction

The Deploy category allows you to deploy your app to several platforms.

2 Environments

The Environments page is divided into the following tabs:

  • Deploy tab
    • Deployment Package Repository
    • Environments
    • Activities
  • Custom Domain tab
    • Certificates
    • Linked Custom Domains
  • Access Restriction Profiles
    • IP range filters
    • Client certificate verification

For more details, see Environments.

2.1 Environment details

If you click Details of a specific environments, you will be able to manage your environment in several tabs of the Environment details page.

For more details, see Environment details.

3 Mobile App

On this page, you can manage and publish your app in mobile app stores.

Mendix supports Android and iOS.

For more details, see Mobile App.

4 App Services

The App Services page lets you publish your app service, application, or widget to the Mendix App Store.

For more details, see App Services.