Developer Portal Guide

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1 What Is the Developer Portal?

The Developer Portal is one of the three key components of the Mendix Platform. The other two are Mendix Studio Pro and Mendix Studio. In the Developer Portal, Mendix developers can collaborate, deploy, and manage their apps, and manage their company and users.

The Developer Portal also offers open, well-defined APIs, enabling third-party developers to integrate their own widgets and plugins. For more information, see API Documentation.

To create a new app click Create App, which will open a page where you can choose a starting pointing for your new app:

On the right side of the top bar, you can search and access your Mendix Profile. You can also click the + icon to create a new app.

On the left side of the top bar, you open an access menu by clicking the Switch to menu:

You can then access the following parts of the Mendix Platform:

You can also quickly access specific Recent Apps you have used.

Click Company Buzz to communicate with colleagues, team members, stakeholders, and any other Mendix users in your company.

Click Company Apps to see all the apps created by members of your company.

If you want to turn on the old navigation/header, click your avatar and toggle New Navigation to Off.

3 My Apps

The My Apps page shows you a summary of your apps:

Apps tiles

All displays all the apps for which you are a Team member. Any apps you pin with the pin icon will appear in the Pinned tab.

Click an app tile to see the app Buzz.

Using the drop-down menu, you can choose to sort the apps in the following ways:

  • Most Recent first
  • Alphabetical order of App Name

By clicking the ellipsis () in the app tile, you can quickly perform a number of actions:

Quick actions menu for an app

The actions available depend on the app selected:

  • Edit in Mendix Studio
  • Edit in Mendix Studio Pro
  • Delete App – allows you to delete your app, provided you are the only team member (you will be warned of the consequences and asked for confirmation before the app is deleted)

To go to the licensed environments of your deployed app, click the cloud icon in the bottom-right corner of the app tile.

4 My Company’s Apps & Buzz

In the header, you can click links to see your Company Apps and Company Buzz:

On the My Company’s Apps page, you will see all the apps created by members of your company.

You can also sort the order of the apps here.

If you click an app for which you are a team member, you will be taken to the app Buzz.

If you click an app for which you are not an team member, you will see the app details:

Example of app details

For details on Company Buzz, see the Company Buzz section of Buzz.

5 Getting Assistance

Clicking the question icon in the Developer Portal brings up the options Mendix provides for getting assistance:

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