Developer Portal Guide

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1 What Is the Developer Portal?

The Developer Portal is one of the three key components of the Mendix Platform. The other two are Mendix Studio Pro and Mendix Studio. In the Developer Portal, Mendix developers can collaborate, deploy, and manage their apps, and manage their company and users.

The Developer Portal also offers open, well-defined APIs, enabling third-party developers to integrate their own widgets and plugins. For more information, see API Documentation.

You can navigate the menu items in the header:

2 Apps

In Apps, you can find your free and licensed apps, nodes, and other apps created by your company:

If you are an App Team member, you can go to the app Buzz. Here you can manage not only the deployment of the app itself but the entire development process via user stories which can be refined and allocated to Sprints.

To start a new app project click Create App, which will open a page where you can choose a starting pointing for your new app:

3 Buzz

In the company Buzz, you can communicate with colleagues, App Team members, stakeholders, and any other Mendix users in your company:

4 Control Center

In Control Center, you can gain insight into company activities and perform various governance tasks as a Mendix Admin:

5 People

In People, you can view the other members of the Mendix community and also invite people to the Mendix Platform :

6 Community

In Community, you can explore various resources for the vibrant Mendix community of users, from blog posts about how Mendix is being used in the wider world of low-code development to the Mendix job board and Mendix Shop:

7 Marketplace

In the Mendix Marketplace, you can share Mendix content you have created, check out complete sample apps that can be used right away, and browse connectors, widgets, and modules that can be used to build custom apps more quickly:

8 Academy

The Mendix Academy offers both self-paced online training (via learning paths) and classroom instruction from our team of experts:

9 Forum

In the Mendix Forum, you can interact with the Mendix community to help out with questions and answers on the best ways to use Mendix as well as propose ideas for improving the Mendix Platform:

10 Docs

The Mendix Documentation is open to the Mendix community, which means you can make changes and contribute to benefit the whole Mendix community:

11 Getting Assistance

Clicking the question icon in the Developer Portal brings up the options Mendix provides for getting assistance:

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