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Release date: February 16th, 2021


LoopedActivity (Element)

We are extending our LoopedActivity to support While loops in addition to For each loops. To represent this in the metamodel, we removed the iteratedListVariableName and loopVariableName properties and added a new property loopSource of type LoopSource (abstract element).

There are currently two types of loop sources available:

  • IterableList – represents the existing behavior where the loop is executed once for each element of the specified list
    • IterableList.listVariableName – corresponds to the old property iteratedListVariableName
    • IterableList.variableName – corresponds to the old property loopVariableName
  • WhileLoopCondition – represents the new behavior where the loop is executed while an expression evaluates to true
    • WhileLoopCondition.whileExpression – the expression evaluated at the start of each iteration

LoopSource, IterableList & WhileLoopCondition (Elements)

  • We introduced these elements. For details, see the LoopedActivity section above.