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Release date: October 14th, 2020



  • We fixed a bug where the Checking for errors message in the status bar of Studio Pro did not complete. (Ticket 108549)
  • By default, we now only run the old XPath/OQL query engine. (Tickets 100987, 107355)
  • We drastically improved the performance of Studio Pro for app projects that use many custom widgets. (Ticket 108326)
  • To protect the security of apps, Shockwave files (SWF) will no longer be displayed inline.


Release date: August 7th, 2020



  • Offline-first applications will now retry the synchronization on startup in case it failed the previous time.
  • When an error occurs during startup of a native app, users can now choose to reload or close the app. (Ticket 102923)


  • We removed a misleading warning message about same site policies introduced in 8.12.0.
  • The on-click events of action buttons, containers, and list views in native pages will now behave as if Disabled during action is set to Yes if an activity other than Call nanoflow is selected. (Ticket 88628)
  • If a snippet contained widgets without a surrounding data view, setting Editable to Yes/Default on those widgets made them always editable instead of inheriting the editability of the data view where the snippet was used. This has been fixed. (Ticket 104290)
  • We improved the splash screen support.


Release date: July 28th, 2020


New Features

Associations in Nanoflow Expressions

In Studio Pro 8.10, we introduced associations in microflow expressions. With this release, we are introducing the same feature for nanoflows. This will make it easy to get attributes over associations in nanoflows by simply writing $variable/Module.Association/Module.TargetEntity/Attribute.

Retrieving Attribute Values from a Data Source for Pluggable Widgets

When we introduced the datasource property in Studio Pro 8.7, many users also wanted access to the attribute values of the items in the data source. Great news: today your dreams come true! You can now link an attribute property to a data source. This gives you access to the domain data in your pluggable widget. You do not have to worry about too much data being returned to the client, as we will only return the attributes which are needed. This feature opens a new range of possibilities for powerful new pluggable widgets.


  • When showing a page from a microflow, nanoflow, or widget, you can now use variables in the page title override.
  • You can now set an icon for your application in the responsive navigation profile. End-users will see this icon in the tab bars and bookmarks of their web browser. To use this feature, make sure to update Atlas UI. It is no longer necessary to have a favicon.ico in your theme folder.
  • The application title in your navigation profile can now be translated.
  • In Studio Pro, it is now possible to configure Disabled during action for many microflow and nanoflow actions that are not on buttons. This includes the On click events of list views and containers. (Ticket 88628)
  • When you use S3 file storage, you can now use the list of trusted CA certificates to also trust the certificate of the storage service by using the setting com.mendix.storage.s3.UseCACertificates. (Tickets 77686, 94143, 99514)
  • When you use S3 file storage, you can set com.mendix.storage.s3.ForceGlobalBucketAccessEnabled to false to disallow the service to access buckets in a different region than the one you specified. (Ticket 99514)
  • We added a feature that allows for exporting invalid characters in published OData services. It replaces characters that are invalid in XML with the DEL character. (Ticket 101056)
  • When synchronizing changes in offline-first apps of objects that are no longer available on the server at the time of synchronizing, these changes are discarded. This can happen when objects are deleted or not accessible. In this release, we added additional logging of the discarded changes in a System entity called SynchronizationError. This makes it possible to provide custom rollback mechanisms and detect the possible bugs in your application that can cause this situation.
  • We upgraded the SAP HANA JDBC driver to version 2.4.76.
  • We introduced the ability to access the list of failed validations as part of DataValidationInfo. Previously, only the message that belonged to failed validations was provided. We introduced an enumeration to indicate the type of data validation in IDataValidation.
  • We improved the implementation of binary attributes. Now, getValue and setValue can be used to interact with binary data. In particular, getValue retrieves binary data from the database when it is first called.
  • We have made it possible to specify an alternative text for menu item icons. That can be useful when you use a menu without text and want to keep it accessible to screen readers. (Ticket 100209)
  • We added support for many autocomplete types in the text box widget to improve accessibility and UX for end-users. For more information, see Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.
  • We added the option to configure an aria-label when the Show Label is set to No for improved screen reader support.
  • We added the option to hide containers and their contents for screen readers for improved screen-reader support.


  • You can now use the image uploader widget to upload SVGs as well. (Ticket 101818)
  • We fixed a resize issue with pop-up windows in mobile browsers when a software keyboard is open. (Ticket 99477)
  • Dragging a custom widget with an attribute selector into a nested data view in Studio Pro made it impossible to select a correct attribute afterwards, resulting in incorrect behavior in the client. This issue is now fixed. (Ticket 101394)
  • We fixed an issue in Call web service activities where the proxy settings were disabled and could not be set. (Ticket 103677)
  • We fixed an issue where deployment showed an “Oops” pop-up window when a Mendix Runtime constant was missing.
  • When you replace an existing module with a new version of the same module, Studio Pro now checks for every index if it can be reused. If the contents have not been changed, it does not have to be rebuilt, and that reduces downtime. (Tickets 87221, 97497, 98060, 101556)
  • We fixed an issue where string attributes were incorrectly formatted as a date in the Debugger. (Ticket 99119)
  • We fixed an issue that caused session keep alive to become defunct if a database connection became stale. (Ticket 102373)
  • We fixed the exception that occurred when Core.getActiveSessions was invoked and there was a session in the database without an associated user. (Ticket 101783)
  • We fixed an issue where the text box inside a template grid threw unexpected errors in certain scenarios. (Ticket 100886)
  • We fixed an issue where the loading spinner for app templates when creating a new app disappeared too soon.

Known Issues

  • When starting the Mendix Runtime, a misleading warning is logged on the M2EE log node: “Cannot use null as same site policy. Possible values are [STRICT, LAX, NONE]“. This message should be ignored and will be removed in the future.