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Release date: September 11th, 2020



  • We reverted a change to the way SVG images are rendered by the Image and Image Viewer widgets. They will be rendered as a <img src="base64 svg" /> as in previous Mendix versions.


Release date: August 25th, 2020


  • We made some performance improvements to bulk record updates by taking advantage of the JDBC Batch API.
  • We added support for registering custom web socket endpoints.
  • The Yes (default) option of the Editable setting for widgets inside a snippet has been renamed to Inherited from snippet call to clarify the resulting behavior.
  • We have added the ability for the data grid, reference set selector, and template grid widgets to handle paging without a total count of data. There is a new configuration setting for Show paging bar called Yes (without total count). This has a runtime performance benefit, as a count query operation is mitigated.
  • Offline-first applications will now retry the synchronization on startup in case it failed the previous time.
  • We added an option to enrich the Caption of a tab page with a badge.
  • We now render SVG images as actual SVG elements within the Image and Image Viewer widgets for web in order to give you the option to color the SVG. Because the DOM structure is slightly different now for SVG images, styling may be affected. The old situation was <img src="base64 svg" />, and the new situation is <div><svg /></div> (where the div has a relative position).


  • We fixed an issue that resulted in a NullPointerException during synchronization when renaming an entity that had a unique attribute mapped to a field with a non-default name in the database. (Ticket 102055)
  • When logging a JDBC URL, we now replace any password with asterisks. (Ticket 102530)
  • We updated third-party components to newer versions that do not pose risks to Mendix apps. (Ticket 104872)
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when importing a web service and the web service imported a schema file that included another schema file. (Ticket 101521)
  • We fixed an issue where only part of the names were visible in the File > New Document dialog box.
  • We fixed the problem where renaming a file with a different casing caused data loss when trying to commit multiple times. (Ticket 102247)


  • Starting with Mendix 8.15, we will drop support for the following database versions that are no longer supported by vendors:
    • MariaDB 5.5