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Release date: November 24th, 2020



  • We now show the attributes of external entities in the Data Hub pane. It is possible to navigate to an attribute of a consumed entity using the context menu of the given attribute.
  • When retrieving the metadata of a consumed OData service in Studio Pro via a URL that requires basic authentication, we will now ask you for your credentials.
  • In published OData services, the MaxLength of string attributes is now part of the metadata.
  • In published OData services, we now support selecting properties from expanded navigation properties if the selection is done on the owner of the association.
  • The update functionality for consumed OData services is now supported for non-production environments as well as the production environment. In previous versions, the update functionality was supported only for services consumed from a production environment.
  • In consumed OData services, we now support contracts with references that refer to each other in a cyclical way.
  • In consumed web services, we now support services that require WS-Addressing. (Ticket 102174)
  • The built-in database viewer now uses a free TCP port instead of a fixed one to avoid conflicts.


  • When a data view was a direct child of a list view, template grid, or tab page, it got a fixed height set in the client. This should no longer be the case. (Tickets 106282, 109153)
  • We fixed an issue introduced in 8.14 where the native list view columns did not behave correctly when vertical direction was enabled. (Fixes #110321)
  • When opening a non-pop-up layout and the first child in a placeholder was a data view, the data view was not properly resized. This has been fixed. (Ticket 107633)
  • We fixed the minimum value for cell spacing and cell padding in data grids and template grids within a document template. (Ticket 110556)
  • We fixed a problem with the native date picker widget where it was showing the months in English even when the device was in another language. (Ticket 110142)
  • We fixed the option to resize a data grid column in the Safari browser. (Ticket 109063)
  • We fixed an issue where triggering the save button in the client resulted in too many objects being committed. (Ticket 105642)
  • When creating a new microflow or nanoflow as a data source, Studio Pro no longer generates an input parameter without an entity (where the name of the parameter is just “U”) or with the entity of the previously selected data source. (Ticket 100499)
  • We fixed an issue where cancelling a page with a changed object (a rollback) reset its reference set attributes with wrong values if they were owned by both sides of the association. (Ticket 109969)
  • We fixed an issue where native mobile apps rendered the bottom bar incorrectly on iOS after rotating the device from landscape to portrait. (Ticket 109356)
  • We fixed an issue that caused an exception message when a microflow ended with an ErrorEvent. (Ticket 110681)
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the Mendix Runtime from starting with a custom client or CA certificates. (Tickets 109744, 110215, 110312, 110351, 110465, 110487, 110489)
  • We fixed an issue that caused errors during NodeManagementAction if FileDocuments existed that were created before Desktop Modeler version 6. (Ticket 110317)
  • When using an old query handler and running at the Debug log level, we no longer log the first query difference as a Warning. (Ticket 110465)
  • We fixed an issue where the debugger displayed string variables incorrectly when the contents of the string looked like a JSON date. (Tickets 104725, 106367)
  • We fixed an issue that prevented opening apps from version 8.14.1 that had suppressed warnings settings.
  • We fixed the update icon that was always showing for consumed OData service documents when consuming metadata with references to other metadata.
  • We fixed an issue where the end-user was always redirected to the app home page after changing the language. (Ticket 109851)


  • We dropped support for the following database versions that are no longer supported by vendors:
    • MariaDB 5.5, 10.1
    • MySQL 5.7
    • Oracle 12.2

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