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Release date: March 5th, 2020



  • We resolved a possible crash that occurred when switching between languages in your app.
  • We have improved how we handle the expired sessions of anonymous users in offline applications. When the session of an anonymous user expires, it is now restored in the background, which allows the anonymous user to continue using the app. (Ticket 94834)
  • We fixed a regression introduced in version 8.5.0 with respect to the changedDate system attribute. Now, the changed date attribute does not get updated when a microflow changes an entity to the values it already has. (Ticket 96446)

Known Issues

  • The first deployment of an app project with a native mobile profile takes approximately one minute longer than usual, as the first deployment needs to build up a cache. On consecutive deployments, this time is reduced.


Release date: February 24th, 2020



  • We fixed an issue in JSON import mappings, where using a JSON structure that defines an array of objects and using a microflow in the mapping resulted in no data being imported. (Ticket 95390)
  • We fixed a performance issue introduced in 8.6.0 where generating a new unique name caused dialog boxes for creating new documents (for example, Create Page) to take noticeably longer to appear than before.

Known Issues

  • When you add a second language in your Mendix application and try to switch between languages using the shortcut keys, an error might occur.
  • The first deployment of an app project with a native mobile profile takes approximately one minute longer than usual, as the first deployment needs to build up a cache. On consecutive deployments, this time is reduced.


Release date: February 5th, 2020


New Features

  • We added the option to quickly revert all changes to a project, including changes to files on disk. No need to reach for TortoiseSVN for this use case anymore!
  • We added typed template evaluation support to string template Java action parameters. With this feature, you can use parameter types other than string, like Boolean, date, integers, etc.
  • It is now possible to select a default color for each microflow activity type separately. This setting is stored in your app project, which means that all the App Team members working on the app will see the same colors. The Project Settings dialog box presents an overview that allows you to change the default color for all activity types. Also, it is now possible to set a current activity’s color as default by right-clicking it in the microflow editor and selecting the new Set as default color option in the context menu. Finally, when changing a default color, it is possible to reset any custom colors that are assigned to activities in your app project so they will use the default color as well.
  • In native mobile apps, you can now use classes on pages to add custom styling for the header and status bar.
  • The layout grid widget now supports Bootstrap 4 features, such as columns that evenly divide the available space of the row or fit their width to the content. This update also removes the constraint that the weight of all the columns in a row must add up to 12. Note that the new layout grid is accessible only if your app project is using Atlas UI Resources version 2.4.0 or above.
  • The layout grid has proven itself to be a handy widget for organizing elements in web apps, so we have made it (with all of its features) available for native pages as well. Note that the layout grid is only available for native pages if your app project is using Atlas UI Resources version 2.4.0 or above.


  • We improved accessibility for keyboard navigation and screen readers. You can now set a Tab index and Alternative text for all images. (Ticket 70196)
  • The File manager and Image uploader widgets now correctly show only files with specified file extensions in the file upload window by default.
  • We optimized the waiting time that occurs after you commit to a Studio-enabled branch.
  • We rebuilt the Connector to give it the same look and feel as the new Project Explorer. In addition, highlighting via the Filter now works in the Connector. You can switch to the new version of the Connector via Edit > Preferences > New Features.
  • We simplified the ability to switch between different languages in your app project. A menu that lists all the languages available is now available on the right of the status bar (at the very bottom of Studio Pro), which allows you to easily change the active language. Also, new keyboard shortcuts have been introduced. For more information, see Language Menu.
  • We improved the logging of published OData services. They no longer log on the error level when a client performs an invalid request (because this is not an error, it is the correct and valid behavior of the service). That logging is now done on the debug level.
  • The metadata of published OData services is now more precise, as by default Mendix marks Boolean attributes as Nullable="false" (because Boolean attributes cannot be empty).
  • Also in the metadata of published OData services, information is added that an entity’s ID is not actually an attribute of the entity, but a (technical) identifier.
  • We upgraded the jackson-core and jackson-databind JAR files from 2.9.10 to 2.10.1 and azure-storage-java from 8.4.0 to 8.6.0.
  • The message “Executing a query with an old implementation due to detected difference” is now a debug message instead of a warning.
  • For JavaScript actions, you can now commit the node_modules folder in your app project. This way, you can use and distribute node modules in JavaScript actions. However, you should only commit the files used, as the amount of files that can be handled by SVN is limited.
  • When removing a reference in a reference set selector, the confirmation will now show you a removing message instead of a deleting message. The message can be customized in the project system text. (Ticket 82316)
  • You can now highlight today’s date in the date picker calendar with the CSS class mx-calendar-day-today. (Ticket 92563)
  • In the native client, buttons, images, and clickable containers are now more responsive and aligned due to the removal of unnecessary styles and elements.
  • In the native Image viewer and Image widgets, the default pixel size is now 100 instead of 0.
  • Image performance for native dynamic images has been improved. This means they will load and display faster!
  • We now automatically reload pluggable web widget previews in Design mode after synchronizing with the project directory.
  • We improved the API for the style property of native pluggable widgets. Instead of receiving an array with multiple items (which the widget needed to merge into a single item), the widget will now receive an array with a single item where the styles are already merged.


  • We fixed an issue that was introduced in version 8.5.0 where the changes in a microflow change object activity were not executed sequentially. (Ticket 93385)
  • We fixed an issue where offline apps threw an error when retrieving objects over associations. (Ticket 93869, 92757, 92765)
  • We fixed an issue in the Core.execute(IContext context, String name, Object... params) method that threw a NullPointerException when a list containing null values was passed as a parameter.
  • We fixed an issue with reporting unique validation rule violations on MySQL 8.0.19 and above so that the configured error message for the validation rule is now shown.
  • We fixed an issue where apps with Atlas UI Resources version 2.4.0 using the new layout grid features caused the deployment to fail.
  • We fixed a crash that happened for some users 30 seconds after starting up Studio Pro. (Tickets 93685, 93700, 93707)
  • We fixed an issue where using Unicode escape characters in constant documents caused a Java compilation error. (Ticket 91816)
  • If the user does not have permissions to execute the on-click action of a container or image viewer or the action property of a pluggable widget, the action is now disabled instead of showing an error message. (Ticket 91424)
  • Action buttons with a “do nothing” action will now propagate the click to the surrounding container. (Ticket 91424)
  • Studio Pro will now offer a quick fix to update all the design properties that have been marked as renamed in the theme. (Ticket 86873)
  • When a widget has role-based conditional visibility combined with conditional visibility based on an enumeration attribute or expression, the role-based conditional visibility was ignored. This has been fixed. (Ticket 91495)
  • We fixed an issue where importing JSON using a find-by-key action threw a stack overflow exception. (Tickets 87422, 92033)
  • We fixed an error in the Call REST service action where using a DELETE request with a body sent an empty body. (Ticket 92953)
  • There was another issue in the Call REST service action where using escape characters in the URL un-escaped them, which was then not understood by some servers. To fix this, we upgraded the httpclient JAR from 4.5.8 to 4.5.10 and the httpcore JAR from 4.4.11 to 4.4.12. (Ticket 93193)
  • We fixed an issue in consumed web services so that all schemata in the WSDL are now used for validation. In addition, import by namespace URI is supported as long as the namespace URI is resolvable. (Ticket 88177)
  • We fixed an issue where invalid users in the session cache caused erroneous log messages when the runtime statistics admin action was called. (Tickets 92852, 92891)
  • We added the automatic cleanup of running scheduled events upon stopping the runtime. (Tickets 38883, 86067)
  • We fixed an issue that prevented interrupting a microflow loop. (Ticket 92455)
  • When parsing DateTime, we now accept a time zone offset without a colon (:) or without minutes. (Ticket 93901)
  • We fixed an issue where an invalid microflow expression led to an inconsistent model and prevented the application from running. (Ticket 88203)
  • We fixed an issue where invalid SQL was generated for PostgreSQL when a predicate with multiple associations was equal to the access rule constraint. (Ticket 91606)
  • We fixed a bug for the date picker running in Internet Explorer 11. Now, a date can be selected again in the calendar. (Ticket 91976)
  • We fixed the reference set selector so that when configured, it maintains a selection after a microflow has been executed. (Ticket 77986)
  • The correct date range is now used when searching in a data grid for a date on which daylight savings time has been changed. (Ticket 83511)
  • After changing an entity in a list view, the unavailable attributes now throw consistency errors. (Ticket 89803)
  • We fixed an issue in the data grid search so that you can now correctly filter on multiple selected items (Ticket 92177)
  • We fixed the date picker in the iOS dark mode, which was not readable. Now, the backdrop color can be set (via pickerIOS, pickerBackdropIOS, pickerTopIOS) and Atlas UI will set the correct dark background. (Ticket 94235)
  • We fixed an issue where generated text content (such as labels for input widgets) behaved in a weird way for certain sources. (Ticket 91239)
  • Double-clicking a row in the left-side grid of the zoomed-in level of the Changes pane now has the same effect as clicking Go to, which includes opening the relevant document.
  • We fixed an issue where the Debugger connection information was lost between debugging sessions.
  • We fixed an issue in the UI for published REST services where you could not drag microflows from the Connector.
  • We fixed an issue in Azure blob storage where Azure reported an error without an error code and did not show the error message in the logs.
  • Physical tables in the database are no longer created for virtual entities and associations.
  • We fixed the object-identifier instantiation timeout error that was happening due to long garbage-collector pauses.
  • We fixed an issue where native mobile apps did not start if pluggable widgets were used in snippets.
  • We fixed an issue where error messages in native mobile apps were not translated.
  • Deleting users is always risky business. However, our export to CSV functionality punished you a bit too hard by failing to export your data when the owner attribute of an exported entity pointed to a user that was deleted. An empty field will now be exported instead.
  • The access rules of non-persistable entities are no longer checked when security is off.
  • We fixed an issue in native mobile apps where the custom styling of a back button color was not applied.
  • We fixed an issue where plugin widgets with an open link action and a custom preview crashed the design mode.

Deprecation of Model Share

It is no longer possible to upload microflows to and download microflows from Model Share using Studio Pro, because this service is now deprecated and will be discontinued on March 31st, 2020. Note that you can upload models to Model Share before March 31st using Studio Pro versions below 8.6. These models will still be available for download in the MPK format from Mendix Model Share.

Because many users have indicated that copying and pasting microflows between app projects was their main reason for using Model Share, cross-project copy-paste will be added to Studio Pro very soon!

Known Issues

  • When you use a JSON structure that defines an array of objects and also use a microflow in the mapping, then no data is imported. (Ticket 95390)
  • Export mappings that use XML choice or XML inheritance throw exceptions during runtime. (Ticket 93998)
  • MySQL 8.0 cannot be used with the default authentication plugin as of this moment. Mendix uses the open-source MariaDB driver to connect, which has not yet added support. We will include the updated driver as soon as it is released. To resolve this issue, you may consider using the previous default plugin until the driver has been updated.
  • The first deployment of an app project with a native mobile profile takes approximately one minute longer than usual, as the first deployment needs to build up a cache. On consecutive deployments, this time is reduced.