Differences Between Pluggable and Custom Widgets

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1 Introduction

Pluggable widgets are the successor to Custom widgets. Pluggable widgets are based on a modern React framework, have access to better APIs in the client, and can use more advanced properties in Studio and Studio Pro. Therefore, pluggable widgets allow you to more easily implement existing front-end libraries, tools, and your own expertise. Pluggable widgets should be used instead of custom widgets whenever possible.

2 Differences Between Pluggable and Custom Widgets

Concept Pluggable widgets Custom widgets
Framework React Dojo
Data access Declarative, props-based Imperative, callback-based
Data updates Receive updates in props Subscribe
API Pluggable widgets API Mendix client API
Platform Web and native Web
Feature Pluggable widgets Custom widgets
Access to attribute data Yes Yes
Retrieve additional data over associations, microflows, or nanoflows Yes (with widgets only) Yes
Template Text; combine data and translatable text Yes No
Expressions; logic combined with data Yes No
File support; download, and open yes Yes
File support; upload No Yes
Use conditional visibility Yes No
Use conditional editability Yes No
Use glyph icons Yes No
Show input label Yes No
Trigger an action on change of attribute Yes No
Widgets can contain other widgets Yes No
Widgets can create new objects No Yes

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