Native Mobile Resources

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1 Introduction

The Native Mobile Resources module is a bundle of Mendix Platform-supported widgets and nanoflow actions for building native mobile and hybrid applications. For more information on styling widgets, see the Native Mobile Styling Reference Guide.

For excellent deep-dive demonstrations of how to use these native mobile widgets, check out the videos below on the Carousel and Popup Menu widgets:

2 Native Widgets

These are the native widgets included in these resources along with links to the GitHub repositories where they are stored (with further documentation as necessary):

Widget Description
Activity Indicator Displays a circular loading indicator.
Animation Provides default animations for contents and widgets.
App Events Triggers actions based on load, network status, and timer events.
Background Image Allows to layer other widgets on top of an image.
Badge Displays text or a value as a badge.
Bar Chart (Beta) The bar chart widget renders a horizontal bar graph based on static and dynamic data sets.
Barcode Scanner Scans barcode and QR code values.
Bottom Sheet Creates a set of options while blocking interaction with the rest of the screen or a draggable surface anchored to the bottom of the screen.
Carousel Creates a carousel that can be swiped with free modeling.
Color Picker Allows the app end-user to select colors.
Feedback Allows the app end-user to submit feedback directly into the app.
Floating Action Button Displays a circular floating icon button.
Intro Screen Shows swipeable containers to show contents as introductions.
Line Chart (Beta) Renders a scalable line graph based on static and dynamic data sets.
List View Swipe Shows controls on swipe for an interactive list view.
Maps Shows locations on an interactive map.
Notifications Triggers actions based on incoming notifications.
Pie/Doughnut Chart Renders a dataset as a pie or doughnut chart (depending on configuration) based on static data sets.
Popup Menu Displays a context menu exactly where the user taps.
Progress Bar Displays progress in a horizontal bar.
Progress Circle Displays progress in a circle with enclosed text.
QR Code Displays a QR code based on a value.
Range slider Changes a range of values using a slider.
Rating Gives a rating by selecting stars.
Repeater Iterates over a data source or nanoflow and repeats the content while changing the values assigned to it.
Safe Area View Prevents content from being rendered in unsafe areas (iOS only).
Slider Changes a numeric value using a slider.
Switch Changes a boolean value using a switch.
Toggle Buttons Changes an enumeration value using a group of buttons.
Video Player Plays a video loaded from a URL.
Web View Displays an external web page or loads custom HTML.