Object Handling

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1 Introduction

The Object Handling module is a collection of reusable actions concerning object handling.

This is a module from the Mendix Community Commons, which is a series of modules for and by the Mendix community that extend the low-code capabilities of the Mendix Platform.

1.1 Dependencies

  • commons-lang3-3.7.jar

2 Configuration

2.1 Microflow Activities

These are Java actions exposed as object activities available to use in your microflows:

  • Clone object
  • Copy object attribute contents
  • Deep clone
  • Delete all objects
  • Force commit
  • Force delete
  • Delete objects without events
  • Create a list from an object
  • Commit without events
  • End transaction
  • Get ‘Created by’ user object
  • Get ‘Changed by’ user object
  • Get object GUID
  • Get committed value
  • Get entity type
  • Object member has changed
  • Object has changed
  • Refresh class by object
  • Start transaction

2.2 Java

This helper Java class can be used in Java actions:

  • Xpath.java