Workflow Commons

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1 Introduction

The Workflow Commons module provides an out-of-the box starter experience for users who would like to build a workflow in their app.

1.1 Typical Use Cases

This module allows Mendix developers with little or no experience in building workflows to start with standardized options for implementing and monitoring workflows.

1.2 Features

  • Dashboards for monitoring workflows for administrators, initiators, and executors (users who can chose an outcome/complete a user task) of workflows
  • Page templates to generate task pages, task admin, an inbox, and different dashboards
  • Attachments layer on top of workflows
  • Comments section to use with workflows

1.3 Prerequisites

As workflows are only available from Mendix 9 version, Workflow Commons requires Mendix 9.0.5 and above.

1.4 Dependencies

2 Installation

Download and install the following modules:

  • Workflow Commons
  • Data Widgets
  • Atlas Core
  • Atlas Web Content

3 Configuration

  1. Add the following pages to your navigation:
    1. TaskInbox
    2. TaskDashboard
    3. WorkflowAdminCenter
    4. MyInitiatedWorkflows
  2. Add Administrator and User module roles to the required App roles:
    1. Administrator role does the following:
      1. Administers workflows.
      2. Views workflow performance in the Admin Workflow Dashboard
    2. User role does the following:
      1. Executes workflows by completing user tasks.
      2. Views personal performance in MyTaskDashboard.

4 Usage

For more information on module’s components and how to use them, see the Workflow Commons Components section in Adding a Workflow to an Existing App: Setting Up the Basics.

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