Accessibility Helper

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1 Introduction

The Accessibility Helper widget allows a user to add a list of HTML properties to elements in the HTML page.carousel.

1.1 Features

  • Target elements via CSS selectors for easy usage
  • Multiple CSS selectors are allowed
  • HTML attributes can be dynamic values
  • HTML attributes can be conditionally added or removed

2 Usage

The widget acts like a container and alters the elements inside it. In order to change elements, HTML attributes act in ways described in the sections below.

2.1 Drag and Drop Widgets Inside Accessibility Helper

Since Accessibility Helper is a containment widget it will try to change the widgets inside it. Thus the user must drag and drop the widgets they want to change inside Accessibility Helper.

2.2 Specify the Target Selector

Target selector is a basic CSS selector, and more information can be found in Mozilla’s documentation.

2.3 Add New Accessibility Properties

Every HTML attribute consists of a name and a value. The user can add any attribute by filling the HTML attributes list. However, the following attribute names are not allowed since they will interfere with Mendix’s core mechanism: class, style, widgetid, and data-mendix-id.

After selecting a name for the attribute, the user can determine what kind of value the attribute will get via Source Type (Text or Expression). Text can be used for static values, while Expression can be used for dynamic values.

The user may can select how this HTML attribute can be set using Condition.