Auto-Load More

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1 Introduction

The Auto-Load More widget loads more items on the list view as the end-user scrolls.

1.1 Demo App

For a demo app that has been deployed with this widget, see here.

2 Usage

  1. Place the widget in the same page or snippet as the target list view (as in, right below it).
  2. Add the name of the Target list view to the widget (which can be found in the Common tab of the list view properties in Studio Pro).

3 Developing This Marketplace Component

  1. Install the following:
  2. Fork and clone the mendix/auto-load-more repository. The code is in Typescript.
  3. Set up the development environment by running npm install.
  4. Create a folder named dist in the project root.
  5. Create a Mendix test project in the dist folder and rename its root folder to dist/MxTestProject, or get the test project from mendixlabs/auto-load-more. Changes to the widget code will be automatically pushed to this test project.
  6. To automatically compile, bundle, and push code changes to the running test project, run grunt.