Check Box Set Selector

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1 Introduction

The Check Box Set Selector widget lets you use a list of check boxes for your reference set. It supports multiple display attributes and looks the same as a reference set selector.

1.1 Typical Usage Scenario

  • Quickly set or adjust a reference set without having to go through pop-up windows and buttons
  • Show multiple attributes of the objects for a reference set

1.2 Features

  • Show multiple display attributes
  • Show the display attributes over a one-deep association

1.3 Limitations

  • Does not support dynamic sorting by clicking the headers
  • The on-change microflow only receives the context object
  • No paging is available

2 Properties

2.1 Data source

  • Association – the reference set association, starting from the data view object
  • XPath Constraint – an XPath constraint on the possible objects that are shown (note that a reference set can contain objects not shown because of this constraint if set elsewhere)
  • Sort attribute – the attribute on which to sort the list
  • Sort order – the order in which the list should be sorted
  • Limit – the limit to the number of objects shown to prevent the widget from becoming too large (leave 0 for unlimited)

2.2 Appearance > Display Attribute

  • Header text – The text used for the header of the column
  • Attribute – the attribute that is to be shown
  • Width – the width of the column for this display attribute in pixels or percentage
  • Currency type – lets you display the attribute as a currency (leave on None if not applicable)

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