Color Picker

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1 Introduction

The Color Picker enables selecting and adjusting a color value.

1.1 Features

  • Render using the button, input box, and inline modes
  • Execute an action after a color change via a microflow or nanoflow
  • Add a label and label width
  • Support the hex, RGB, or RGBA color formats

Supported color pickers are based on the React Color library:

  • Sketch
  • Chrome
  • Block
  • Github
  • Twitter
  • Circle
  • Hue
  • Slider
  • Compact
  • Material
  • Swatches

2 Configuration

To configure this widget, follow these steps:

  1. Create an entity with a string attribute for storing the color value.
  2. Place the widget in a data form within the context of the entity.
  3. Select the attribtue for the color.
  4. Optionally, change the rendering and appearance properties to your need.