HTML/JavaScript Snippet

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1 Introduction

The HTML/JavaScript Snippet widget is useful for adding a piece of HTML or JavaScript to a page (for example, to embed a YouTube or Flash object). In addition, it can be used to enhance styling by adding arbitrary HTML elements.

1.1 Typical Use Cases

  • Display a predefined HTML document
  • Load a Java applet
  • Manipulate app styling using JavaScript rather than theming

1.2 Features

  • Embed raw HTML
  • Embed raw JavaScript
  • Load external HTML/JS files

2 Properties

  • Content Type – select how the snippet should be rendered:

    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • JavaScript with jQuery – this option will make sure your code can leverage jQuery v3.3.1, for example:

      //for example, this code snippet will set the color of all your paragraph tags on the page to red.
      $('p').css('color', 'red')
      // or
      jQuery('p').css('color', 'red')
  • Contents – the HTML or Javascript to embe

  • External File – the path to the HTML or JavaScript file you want to add

    • The root is the theme folder
    • This will override the Contents section if used
    • With the newly added /p/ native deep links, you may want to start your file path with a / to prevent any 404s caused by this deep link
  • On click microflow – the microflow that should be executed on the click action (can be used to, for example, show a page when the snippet is clicked)

  • Refresh on context change – determines whether the widget should refresh when the context changes

  • Refresh on context update – determines whether the widget should refresh when the context updates (works only when Refresh on context change is set to Yes)

  • Enclose HTML with DIV – determines whether the widget will wrap HTML with a DIV when HTML is added

    • If this is set to false, it will just replace the content of the widge
    • For compatibility purposes, this is set to Yes on default