Progress Circle

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1 Introduction

The Progress Circle widget displays a progress in a circle.

The widget does the following:

  • Displays a progress percentage in the form of a circle based on a configurable range
  • Offers brand styling for the circle color through the Appearance design properties

2 Usage

The Progress Circle widget requires three values: a Minimum value and Maximum value to describe the full range of progress as well as a Current value to indicate the progression on that range.

These values can be provided in three different ways: as a Static integer value, a Dynamic integer value, or an Expression. An On Click Action can be set onto the progress circle label to trigger custom logic during click interactions.

2.1 Label

Configuring the label on the progress circle can be done on the Progress Label tab and has the following options:

  • Whether to show a label or not
  • The type of the label:
    • Text: a custom text
    • Percentage: the Current value converted onto the configured range as a percentage.
    • Custom: a custom widget

2.2 Styling

Under the Appearance tab, the following styling properties can be adjusted for the progress circle:

  • Bar and background color based on brand styling
  • Size (small, medium, and large)

3 Widgets Below Version 2.0.0


  • Show percentage based on the progress value and maximum progress value
  • Animate on load and on update
  • Open a page or run a microflow on click
  • Show the progress circle with different colors

Place the widget in the context of an object that has attributes for Value attribute and Maximum value attribute:

  • If Value attribute is not set, Value static will be used to calculate the progress
  • If Maximum value attribute is not set, the maximum value defaults to Maximum value static