Pull to Refresh

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1 Introduction

The Pull to Refresh widget enables the end-user to pull down on mobile apps to trigger a page refresh or a synchronization for offline apps.

1.1 Features

  • Overlay with icon and message shown when pulling down
  • Refresh current page when online
  • Works when offline and re-syncs when back online
  • Message for pull, release, and reload
  • Cancel refresh when swiping up
  • Does not interfere with scroll behavior

1.2 Limitations

  • When refreshing a page, the list view does not keep Load more items
  • Only works when app is scrolled to top

2 Usage

To use this widget, follow these steps:

  1. Place the widget on a page or layout.
  2. Add the following on the Display tab:
    a. Text when pulling down
    b. Release to refresh text
    c. Text when refreshing
  3. In the client, pull down the page until the Release to refresh text appears in order to refresh the page.