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1 Introduction

The Rating widget enables rating from 0 to a defined maximum amount using an attribute.


2 Usage

To use this widget, place it in a data container that has an Integer, Long, or Decimal attribute.

The widget offers the following for configuration:

  • An Integer, Long, or Decimal attribute to store the rating on user-interaction
  • An action (such as microflow or nanoflow) to trigger when the value of rating changes
  • An empty icon, to be shown when the value is not yet selected
  • A selected icon, to be shown when the value is selected
  • An amount to define the maximum amount of icons to be rendered
  • Animation, to define whether the widget should animate when clicking on the desired icon
  • A Size design property with two options (Small and Large) influencing icon size
  • Common properties

This widget is compatible with Atlas Core.

3 Widgets Below Version 2.0.0


  • Rate an object with stars
  • Display average rating
  • Display rating in whole and half stars
  • Execute a microflow when the rate is changed
  • Configurable star colors
  • Flexible number of stars
  • Support for mobile touch events

In order to overwrite the default star icon, add these classes to your app theme and replace the content with your preferred glyphicon:

 .rating-flag [class*="widget-star-rating-full"]:before {
  content: "\e034"; /* flag icon */ 
.rating-flag .widget-star-rating-empty:before {
  content: "\e034"; /* flag icon */

The rating-flag class should be added to the widget configuration on the Common tab.