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1 Introduction

The Switch widget enables toggling a Boolean attribute.

2 Usage

To use this widget, place it in a data container that has a Boolean attribute.

The widget offers the following for configuration:

  • A Boolean attribute to toggle on user-interaction
  • An action (such as Microflow or Nanoflow) to trigger when the Switch is toggled
  • A Device style design property with two options (iOS and Android) influencing the Switch’s appearance
  • A Style design property for brand styling, influencing the Switch’s colors
  • Common properties

This widget is compatible with Atlas Core.

3 Widgets Below Version 3.0.0


  • Deactivate when attribute or context is read-only
  • Execute a microflow when toggled
  • Execute a nanoflow when toggled
  • Add a label to the switch
  • Display in either iOS style or android(material design)
  • Display in various bootstrap styles

To use this widget, place it in the context of an object that has a Boolean attribute.

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