Deployment Location

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1 Introduction

When you deploy your app outside the Mendix Cloud, you can choose the URL which points to your app. However, there are some restrictions on where you should deploy your app.

For apps deployed to the Mendix Cloud, you can customize a URL by adding custom domains.

2 Paths

Do not use a path to your app. Your app should always be at the root of your subdomain. In other words at a location https://subdomain.domain/.

If you want to deploy several apps on the same domain, you should use different subdomains to identify the app. For example, use and not

3 Main Domain Name

Do not deploy your app directly at the apex domain, https://domain/. This conflicts with the https://www.domain/ URL as the main domain is often redirected there if there is no subdomain specified.

Additionally, you would not be able to have additional custom domains for your app as you cannot create a CNAME record which points to an apex domain.