Maintenance Windows: Configuration

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1 Introduction

In the Mendix Cloud Professional and Enterprise plans you can configure a weekly time range (Maintenance Window) when system maintenance can occur. Whenever Mendix has planned maintenance operations, these will be executed within your preferred time window. Naturally, we will always inform you upfront on any upcoming maintenance operations in accordance with your SLA.

1.1 Preferred Maintenance Window

The Preferred Maintenance Window is a standard time range in a week where you would prefer system maintenance to occur. This is always shown as UTC so don’t forget to convert it to your local timezone.

This window will only be used when planned maintenance is being scheduled.

1.2 Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance is a maintenance operation that will be carried out within your configured maintenance window. This is shown in local time, together with an offset from UTC.

2 Prerequisites

To view maintenance windows, you need to have monitor or backup access to your Mendix app. To configure them, you need to have transport rights to it. For more information, see Node Permissions.

3 Configuring Maintenance for Your Application

Follow the instructions below to configure a maintenance window:

  1. Go to the Developer Portal.

  2. Go to the Environments page for your app.

  3. Click Details for the environment you want to configure:

  4. Go to the Maintenance tab:

  5. Click Change to modify the preferred maintenance window of your environment. Transport rights for this environment are required.

  6. Choose one of the maintenance windows suggested.

  7. Click Save to confirm your new maintenance window.

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