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1 Introduction

Mendix hosts a variety of services in the cloud. These include the environments for apps which are deployed to the Mendix Cloud, as well as various online services (such as Buzz Project Management).

The status of all these services is reported on a single page:

2 Mendix Cloud Statuses

By going to the Mendix status page, you can check the status of Mendix Cloud v3 and v4. This will tell you if there are any issues with the cloud which may impact your apps.

You can expand the status of the clouds to see the status of a particular region: for example Mendix Cloud v4 EU.

Free Apps are deployed to Mendix Cloud v4 Free Tier.

3 Current Issues

When a cloud is not operational, more detail is posted to the status page, explaining why the issue has occurred and the steps being taken to restore service.

Additionally, a cloud might be operational but still have issues which prevent some activities taking place (for example deploying a new version of an app). This sort of issue will also be displayed on the Mendix Status page, together with updates on how the issue is being resolved.

4 Scheduled Maintenance

Mendix announces Scheduled maintenance on the status page. This will give the dates, times, and impact of any maintenance activities which are scheduled.

5 Subscription

You can subscribe to updates to the Mendix status. You will be informed about all new incidents and planned maintenance.

You can elect to receive emails, or subscribe to the RSS or Atom feeds.

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