Node Permissions

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1 Introduction

Fine-grained access management for your Mendix Cloud environments is handled in the Node Security tab of the Settings page under Security. Each team member can subscribe or unsubscribe to the alerts, and the Technical Contact can manage various permissions of each team member per environment.

Learn more about Company & App Roles.

2 Node Settings

In this section you will learn about configuring the user roles and permissions of the cloud node.

To access the node settings, click Settings > Security and open the Node Permissions tab.

3 User Roles

Users with the Technical Contact role can manage all the settings in the cloud node, other members are restricted in what they can manage.

A cloud node always has: * Only one Technical Contact * Any number of app team members with View Deploy and Monitor permissions

4 Technical Contact

The Technical Contact manages the cloud node and can edit the privileges of regular team members with the View Deploy and Monitor permissions. Only the Technical Contact can give his user role to another team member by clicking Change to Technical Contact. After this, the new user has the Technical Contact role, the old user does not.

4.1 Alerts

The Technical Contact will receive the following alerts from the cloud node:

  • Notifications for maintenance from Mendix Support
  • Alerts from the node when problems arise (CPU load is high, running out of disk space, etc.). The Technical Contact cannot turn these off

To learn more about Alerts, read paragraph 2 Alerting Categories and Thresholds of the Alerts documentation.

4.2 Mendix Support

The Technical Contact is the first point of contact for the app for Mendix Support. The Technical Contact can submit requests for the cloud node with the following request types:

  • Incidents: If incidents arise (for example, when the app is down)
  • Standard changes: Add Cloud Resources, Change Mendix URL, New App, (Re)new license, Reset Google authenticator

5 Node Permissions

The node permissions can be:

  • Managed only by the Technical Contact
  • Accessed by regular team members who have the permission to View Deploy and Monitor

5.1 Transport Rights

With transport rights you can deploy new versions of the application to the node. You can create new deployment packages, stop and start the environment, and change configuration settings such as constants and scheduled events.

For more information about deployment, see How to Deploy to the Mendix Cloud.

5.2 Access to Backups

This permission grants access to the backups of the environment. You can view, create, download, and restore a backup.

For more information, see Backups.

5.3 Receive Alerts

When Receives Alerts is checked, this person will receive an email when an alert is triggered. Alerts are triggered when the app went offline unexpectedly, the application logged a message on level Critical, the health check failed, or various infrastructure problems occurred.

5.4 API Rights

With the API rights you can use the Deploy API to get programmatic access to the environment. Naturally, the API does not require two-factor authentication, so API access is disabled for the production environment by default. The Technical Contact can assign API access for each user. Note that the API Rights are needed in addition to the other permissions, so in order to access backups via the API you will need both Access to Backups as well as API Rights.

5.5 Access to Monitoring

With this permission you can view the application metrics, logs, and alerts under the Operate category in the Developer Portal. This allows you to successfully operate your Mendix Cloud environments.

For more information, see Metrics.