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1 Introduction

On the Metrics page you can monitor the performance and health of your App. The Metrics page is divided into three tabs, each of which is described below.

In this tab you can view graphs which display the following information about the app:

  • Application Statistics
  • Database Statistics
  • Application Node Statistics
  • Database Node Statistics

The information displayed in Trends depends on which Mendix Cloud version the app is running. The following documents describe the different trends information available:

You can find the Mendix Cloud version of your App in the Environment details. For more information, see Cloud Version and Region in the Mendix Cloud.

3 Running Now

Running requests are all requests that are currently in progress for this environment.

This tab displays the following information about running requests:

Column Description
User The user that started running the request.
Action The name of the request.
Type Microflow or Java action.
Duration For how long the request has been running.

You can click the following buttons to execute actions:

  • Refresh refreshes the list of running requests

  • Kill request stops the selected request

  • Details shows you the Action Stack for the selected request. An Action Stack displays all the actions currently on the call stack. The bottom action is the one which is currently being performed. It was triggered by the action above it and so forth. The details shown for an Action Stack are:

    • Name
    • Type
    • Details

4 Cache

Mendix Runtime version 6 has an object cache for non-persistable objects. In this tab you can see how many objects of each type currently live in memory. You can also see the number of objects broken down by user session.

User session cache details

If you select a user session you can click Details to see which entities are being used by that user session.

User session cache details

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