Troubleshoot Network Issues for Connecting to Team Server

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1 Introduction

Mendix Studio Pro needs to connect to Team Server, which is where all your projects are stored.

This how-to explains the following:

  • Which permissions and settings are required to connect to Team Server

2 Troubleshooting Team Server Project Network Settings

Being unable to download the Team Server project can indicate that the security configuration of your company network is blocking access to and

Team Server is implemented using Subversion and Mendix Studio Pro uses the HTTPS (TCP) protocol to communicate with that server. To access Team Server from within Studio Pro, the network at your location needs the following settings:

  • The HTTPS port (TCP 443) needs to be open
  • The HTTP port (TCP 80) needs to be open
  • WebDAV (verbs within the HTTP protocol) needs to be enabled on any proxy server

Mendix Studio Pro connects to and with the domains shown in the diagram below over HTTPS on port 443. These domains should be added to the firewall white list:

Domains,, and need to be accessible on port 443 from your network

You can look up the IP address of

3 Still Having Problems?

If this solution does not work, submit a request to Mendix Support.