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1 Introduction

Buttons perform an action when clicked. They can be rendered as a button or as a hyperlink. Buttons can be divided into the following ones:

  • Action Button – a general name for a button that performs a certain action. You can assign an action yourself or you can select a button with a preconfigured action, such as:

    • Call microflow button
    • Call nanoflow button
    • Open page button
    • Save button
    • Cancel button
    • Link button
    • Close page button
    • Delete button
    • Call workflow button
    • Complete user task button
    • Show user task page button
    • Show workflow admin page button
    • Synchronize button Preconfigured Buttons
  • Drop-Down Button – shows a list of items, an action is performed when one of the items is clicked. A pop-up window with a list of possible actions appears when an end-user clicks a drop-down button:

    Drop-Down Button Example

Different items can perform different actions. For more information on items and actions that can be assigned to them, see the Item Section in Button Properties.

2 Performing Basic Functions

For more information on how to add widgets to a page, view their properties, and arrange them, see Adding Elements on a Page, Viewing Element Properties, and Arranging Elements on a Page sections in Page.

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