Button Widgets

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1 Introduction

Button widgets perform an action when clicked. They can be rendered as a button or as a hyperlink. Button widgets can be divided into the following ones:

  • Action Button – a general name for a button that performs a certain action and is configured as one of the following buttons:
    • Call microflow button
    • Call nanoflow button
    • Open page button
    • Save button
    • Cancel button
    • Link button
    • Close page button
    • Delete button
    • Sync button
  • Drop-Down Button – shows a list of items, an action is performed when one of the items is clicked. Different items can perform different actions.

All buttons have an Image Property which indicates which image will be shown in front of the caption of a button.

2 Performing Basic Functions

For more information on how to add widgets to a page, view their properties, and arrange them, see Adding Elements on a Page, Viewing Element Properties, and Arranging Elements on a Page sections in Page.

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