Change List

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1 Introduction

The Change list activity allows you to change a list by adding objects to, and removing objects from, it. The activity works directly on the list provided, in contrast to the List operation activity.

2 Properties

An example of change list properties is represented in the image below:

change list properties

There are two sets of properties for this activity, those in the dialog box on the left, and those in the properties pane on the right.

The change list properties pane consists of the following sections:

3 Action Section

The Action section of the properties pane shows the action associated with this activity.

You can open a dialog box to configure this action by clicking the ellipsis () next to the action.

You can also open the dialog box by double-clicking the activity in the microflow or right-clicking the activity and selecting Properties.

3.1 List

The name of the list to be changed.

3.2 Type

Defines the type of change that is applied to the list.

Option Description
Add (default) The object(s) in the value property are added to the list. See notes below for additional information.
Remove The object(s) in the value property are removed from the list. If there are duplicate objects in the list, then only one will be removed. If you ask to remove an object which isn’t in the list, there is no error.
Clear The list is emptied.
Replace The list is emptied and the object(s) in the value property are added to the list.

3.2.1 Notes When Using the Add Type

If you do not want duplicates in your (microflow) list, you can either remove the object(s) first, or use the Contains list operation to examine the list before adding the object(s).

3.3 Value

Value defines the objects that are used to change the list. The value is entered using an expression. The expression must result in an object or list of objects of the same type of entity as the input list.

4 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see Common Properties.