Client Activities

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1 Introduction

Client Activities perform activities in the client, for example, opening a page or showing a message. The activities described in this document are in the Client Activities section of the Toolbox and can differ for microflows and nanoflows.

The following are the client activities you can use in your microflow or nanoflow:

  • Nanoflow call (only in nanoflows) – calls another nanoflow
  • Close page – closes the currently open page
  • Download file (only in microflows) – downloads a file using the browser
  • Show home page (only in microflows) – opens the home page for the end-user
  • Show message – shows a message to the end-user
  • Show page – shows a selected page to the end-user
  • Synchronize to device (only in microflows) – enables selectively synchronizing a set of objects to the device when calling a microflow from a nanoflow
  • Synchronize (only in nanoflows) – synchronizes data between your device and the server
  • Validation feedback – does a validation check, and if this check fails, it shows a message to the end-user

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