Consistency Errors

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1 Introduction

To make sure that your app is always consistent and properly built, Studio Pro does consistency checks when you build your app.

When a consistency check is not met, Studio Pro will notify you about this via consistency errors on the Errors pane. The errors in pages, microflows, domain models, and document templates will be highlighted:

Errors Pane

If you cannot see the Errors pane, you can enable it from the menu option View > Error list.

To enable you to find your errors quickly, each error will show you:

  • A unique Error Code for the error
  • A Message describing the error
  • The name of the page Element causing the error
  • The Document where this element is
  • The Module where the document is

Double-clicking on the error will take you directly to the element causing the error.

Errors need to be solved before your app can be deployed. A consistency error can occur in the following editors or functionalities of Studio Pro:

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