Create Object

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1 Introduction

The create object action can be used to create an object.

2 Action Properties

2.1 Entity

The entity of which you want to create an object.

2.2 Commit Type

Commit defines the way the object is committed.

Option Description
Yes with event handlers The object is saved in the database and the event handlers are triggered.
Yes without event handlers The object is saved in the database, but the event handlers are not triggered.
No (default) The object is changed without being saved in the database.

2.3 Refresh in Client

If the microflow is called from the client, data sources do not reload, unless Refresh in client is set to Yes.

Default: No

2.3 Change Members

You can set the values of members (attributes and associations) of the newly created object to be different from the default value set in the entity. Values for members are specified with an expression and must be of the same type as the member.

3 Output Properties

3.1 Object Name

This is the name of the resulting object which can be used by all activities that follow this activity.