Create Variable

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1 Introduction

With this action, you can create a new variable and assign a value to it. For example, you can create a $Discount variable and assign a value 0.5 to give customers a 50% discount and use this value to calculate a price for a customer:

Create Variable

2 Properties

There are two sets of properties for this activity, those in the dialog box on the left, and those in the properties pane on the right:

Create Variable Properties

The Create variable properties pane consists of the following sections:

3 Action Section

The Action section of the properties pane shows the action associated with this activity.

You can open a dialog box to configure this action by clicking the ellipsis () next to the action.

You can also open the dialog box by double-clicking the activity in the microflow or right-clicking the activity and selecting Properties.

3.1 Data Type

Data type defines what type of data is stored in the variable. A variable can have one of the following data types: Boolean, Enumeration, Decimal, Integer/Long, or String.

3.2 Initial Value

Defines the initial value of the variable. The value is entered using an expression (the result of the microflow expression must match the data type of the variable).

3.3 Variable Name

Variable defines the name of the resulting variable. The variable can be used by all activities following this activity in the flow.

4 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see Common Properties.

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