Edit Cloud Foundry Settings

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1 Introduction

The Edit Cloud Foundry Settings menu option allows you to specify the information necessary for deploying your app to a Cloud Foundry instance.

2 Entering Credentials

The first step in configuring your app for Cloud Foundry deployment is to enter the account information of the Cloud Foundry account you wish to use.

Enter Cloud Foundry Credentials

Enter the details on the screen, as described below, then click Next to validate the specified credentials and show the next configuration step.

2.1 API Endpoint

The URL defining the API endpoint of the Cloud Foundry platform that will be used for deployment.

2.2 User Name

The User name of your Cloud Foundry account.

2.3 Password

The Password of your Cloud Foundry account.

3 Selecting the Cloud Foundry App

The second step allows you to select an existing app, or create a new app, in the Cloud Foundry organization. This is where your Mendix app will be deployed.

Enter Settings for Cloud Foundry App

3.1 Organization

Select the Organization you want to use. If no organizations are available, you will need to configure one in your Cloud Foundry account; it is not possible to create a new one from within Mendix Studio Pro.

3.2 Space

Select the Space you want to use. Note that the space you want to use must already be configured in your Cloud Foundry account; it is not possible to create a new one from within Mendix Studio Pro.

3.3 App

Either Select existing app if you want to use an existing app environment, or Create new app if you want to create a new app environment.

3.3.1 Select Existing App

If you Select existing app you will be able to choose the correct app from a drop-down list.

3.3.2 Create New App

If you Create new app you will need to do the following:

  1. Select the Domain in which the app will run from the drop-down.
  2. Enter the App name for the app.

The URL for your app will be {App name}.(Domain).

3.4 Buildpack

Here you can enter the URL of the Buildpack you want to use in your Cloud Foundry app. Only change this if you don’t want to use the default Mendix buildpack.