Find, Find Advanced & Find Usages

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1 Introduction

You can search for changes or usages of different elements, documents, Xpaths, changes to various elements, in your app. You do it via Find, Find Advanced, and Find Usages options under the Edit menu.

Find Options

2 Find Option

You can find various elements in your app via the Find option. For example, you would like to find elements in the domain model, page editor, and microflow editor where the word “Employee” is used: pages, entities, associations, expressions with it, etc. Do the following:

  1. Click Edit > Find in the top-bar or press Ctrl+F.

  2. In the Find dialog box, leave Match case and Match the whole word unselected. This way you will search for all instances of the word “Employee” including such instances as “employee”, Employees”, or “Department_Employee”:

  3. In the Look in section unselect items in your app where you do not want to search in:

Look in Section

You can see search results in the Find Results pane:

Search Results

3 Find Advanced Option

With the Find Advanced option you can set advanced criteria and find specific elements in your app, such as all object activities, or unused elements.

3.1 Finding Object Activities

You can search for microflows that have object activities in them. Do the following:

  1. Click Edit > Find Advanced in the top-bar or press Ctrl+Shift+F. The Find Advanced dialog box will open:
  2. In the Search for option, select Microflow actions:
  3. Select the entity for which you want to search for object activities, and click Find.

You can see search results in the Find Results pane.

3.2 Finding Unused Elements

While you develop your app, it might occur that specific functionality (for example, pages or microflows) is not applicable anymore in the final version of your application. To keep your app clear and easy to maintain, it is advised to clean any unused items up.

To find the unused items, do the following:

  1. In the top-bar of Studio Pro, click Edit > Find Advanced or press Ctrl+Shift+F.

  2. In the Find Advanced dialog box, select Unused items in the Search for option:

  1. Click Find.

The results will show up in the Find Results pane. To filter the results click the Show all button in the top-right corner of the pane.

Note that deleting any unused items might result in more unused items. For example, if you delete an unused page, a microflow which is only used on that page will become an unused item itself. If you are cleaning up your app regularly refresh the unused items list.

3.3 Marking Unused Objects as Used

Some pages and microflows are only used from Java code and will be listed as an unused item because Studio Pro cannot look into Java source code. To prevent anyone from removing these objects you can mark the page or microflow as used. Do the following:

  1. Open the page or microflow which needs to be marked as used.

  2. Navigate to properties and change the Mark as used property from No to Yes.

4 Find Usages Option

The Find Usages option allows you to find where a certain element is used, for example, to find all buttons that open a certain page.

To find where a certain element is used, do the following:

  1. Open the document which contains the element. For example, open the domain model.
  2. Select an element (for example, an entity) and click Edit > Find usages in the top-bar or right-click an element and select Find usages:
    Find Usages

Studio Pro shows all usages of this entity in the Find Results pane. Find Results Pane

Double-click an item in the Find Results pane to open the corresponding document.

Click Lock results in the Find Results pane. Now if you click Find Usages, the results will be shown in a second Find Results pane. This allows you to keep several search results.

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