Generate Document

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1 Introduction

The generate-document microflow action can be used to write a document to a file, based on a template. The types of document which can be created are listed in Document Type.

See Common Properties for properties that all activities share (e.g. caption). This page only describes the properties specific to the action.

2 Input Properties

2.1 File

The name of the file document that will contain the generated document. It should be an object of entity System.FileDocument or a specialization thereof.

3 Action Properties

3.1 Language

The language in which the titles and labels of the document should appear.

Option Description
Current user (default) Use the language of the current user.
Project default Use the default language that is specified in the Project Settings.
Variable Use the language stored in the selected object, which must be of type System.Language.

3.2 Document Type

The document type specifies the type of the generated document.

Option Description
HTML Generate a document in HTML format.
PDF Generate a document in PDF format.
Word 2007 Generate a document in Word 2007 format.
Word 2003 Generate a document in Word 2003 format.
Rich-text format Generate a document in Rich-text format.
ODT Generate a document in Open Office (ODT) format.

3.3 Template

Template defines which document template is used to generate the file. Depending on the template being used one or more arguments need to be specified. For each top-level data grid and data view objects of the correct type need to be passed to the template. The value of the argument can be entered using expressions.

3.4 Override Margins

Here you can set custom margins for your documents that can be defined at runtime.