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1 Introduction

A menu document defines a navigation menu that can be used by a menu widget. Typically the main menus for your application are defined in device types, while you use menu documents for auxiliary menus, for example, a side bar.

A menu consists of a list of menu items, which optionally contain sub-items. Depending on the widget a number of levels are allowed.

Menus are composed of menu items. Menu items can contain a number sub-items. Menu bars can go two levels deep, the navigation tree – three levels, and the simple menu bar cannot have any sub-items.

2.1 Menu Item Properties

A menu item or a sub-item has the following general properties:

  • Caption – The caption is the text that will appear in the menu widget. Caption is a translatable text. (For more information, see Language Menu.)
  • Icon – You can select a glyphicon (a character in a special font that stays sharp while scaling) or an image that will appear next to or above the caption in the menu widget.
  • Alternative text - You can specify alternative text if a caption is not provided. This will allow screen readers to announce a description for an icon.
  • On click – Action to be performed when the item is clicked. A menu item that has sub-items cannot have an on click event.

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