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1 Introduction

A menu bar shows menu items of a navigation profile or in a menu document in the form of a horizontal bar with items. These items are determined by the Menu source and are either configured in the Navigation or a Menu.

Menu bars can go two levels deep, that means menu items can have sub-items. For more information on menu items and their properties, see Menu.

Menu Bar

2 Properties

An example of menu bar properties is represented in the image below:

Menu bar properties consist of the following sections:

2.1 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see the Common Section section in Properties Common in the Page Editor.

2.2 Design Properties Section

The Design Properties allow you to change spacing and alignment of the widget and hide it on phone, tablet, or desktop, if needed. Design properties may vary depending on the type of the widget. For example, for the text widget you can change its font weight, color, alignment, and letter case.

2.3 General Section

The items that are shown in the menu widget are determined by the Menu source. Possible menu sources are described in the table below:

Value Description
Project navigation (default) The menu items are taken from one of profiles defined in the Navigation.
Menu document The menu items are taken from a menu document.

2.3.2 Profile

Only available when the menu source is set to Project navigation. The Profile property specifies what navigation profile is used for the widget.

Default: Responsive

2.3.3 Menu

Only available when the menu source is set to Menu document. The Menu property specifies what menu document is used for the widget.

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