Microflow Call

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1 Introduction

The microflow call activity can be used to call another microflow. Arguments can be passed to the microflow and the result can be stored.

2 Action Properties

2.1 Microflow

The microflow that is called by this activity.

2.2 Arguments

For each parameter of the microflow, you have to supply an argument of the same type. The values of the arguments are expressed using expressions. There is a difference in the way argument values are passed to a sub-microflow: * Lists and objects are passed as references (meaning, if the list/object is changed in a sub-microflow, the original list/object is altered) * Primitive types (strings, numbers, etc.) are passed as values (meaning, they are immutable, and not changeable via sub-microflows)

3 Output Properties

3.1 Return Type

The data type of the result of the called microflow. The return type is defined by the called microflow.

3.2 Use Return Value

If User return value is set to Yes you will be asked to give the return value a name.

3.3 Variable Name, Object Name, or List Name

The name of the result of the called microflow.