mx Command-Line Tool

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1 Introduction

The mx tool is a Windows and Linux command-line tool that can be used to do useful things with your Mendix app project.

2 Location

Mendix Studio Pro comes with the mx command-line tool. The executable mx.exe file can be found in the same folder that contains studiopro.exe (for example, C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\mx.exe).

3 mx Tool Options

The mx tool enables the options described below.

3.1 mx convert

The mx convert command converts the inputted app project(s) to the Studio Pro version with which the tool was bundled. For example, if you are using the mx command-line tool that came with Mendix version, then mx convert will convert app projects to that version.

The input can be a single file, directory, or multiple files.

3.1.1 Usage

Use this command pattern for mx convert:

mx convert [OPTIONS] INPUT... OUTPUT

These are the OPTIONS:

Option Shortcut Result
--help -h Displays the help text and exits.
--in-place -p Convert an app project directory in place. Use this option to convert a folder containing a Mendix app project. Otherwise, mx convert will convert .mpk files.
--skip-error-check -s Does not check for errors. Use this option to disable app project error-checking during the conversion. When omitted, the tool will report on the number of errors, warnings, and deprecations in the app project and do the conversion.

For INPUT..., enter one or more .mpk files or one directory that needs to be converted.

For OUTPUT, enter the output location for the converted results. Keep the following points in mind:

  • When INPUT... is a single file, OUTPUT can be a single file or directory; otherwise, OUTPUT must be a directory.
  • When using the --in-place option, the INPUT... folder will also be used as the OUTPUT folder, so you do not need to specify a separate OUTPUT folder

3.1.4 Examples

Example Result
mx convert --in-place C:\MxProjects\App-main Converts the app project in folder C:\MxProjects\App-main to the Studio Pro version with which the mx tool was bundled.
mx convert C:\Mendix\App1.mpk C:\Mendix\App2.mpk C:\Mendix\ConvertedProjects\ Converts the App1.mpk and App2.mpk app project packages that are in the *C:\Mendix* folder and puts the results in the *C:\Mendix\ConvertedProjects* folder.
mx convert --skip-error-check C:\Mendix\Packages\ C:\Mendix\ConvertedPackages\ Converts all app project packages in the *C:\Mendix\Packages* folder and outputs to the *C:\Mendix\ConvertedPackages* folder without checking for errors.

3.1.5 Return Codes

Exit Code Description
0 The conversion was successful.
1 An internal error occurred.
2 There is something wrong with the command-line options.
3 Converting the project(s) failed.

3.2 Undocumented Options

The mx tool contains options that are not described in this document. Those are for internal Mendix usage and are not officially supported. This might change in the future, but these options can be used only at your own risk.