Parsing & Formatting Decimal Function Calls

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1 Introduction

For details on all the pattern possibilities, see Class DecimalFormat.

2 parseDecimal

Parses a string value to a decimal value. Takes optional parameters for the format and default values.

2.1 Input Parameters

  • Value to parse
    • Type: string
  • Format for the input value based on the Java library DecimalFormat (for details, see Class DecimalFormat)
    • Type: string
  • Default value (optional)
    • Type: decimal or empty

2.2 Output

A decimal value that matches the inputted string value. If the value cannot be parsed (meaning, it does not match the format parameter or contains illegal characters), the default value will be returned. If no default value was provided, an error occurs.

  • parseDecimal('3.45') returns 3.45
  • parseDecimal('noDecimal', 5.05) returns 5.05
  • parseDecimal('noDecimal', empty) returns empty
  • parseDecimal('3,241.98', '#,###.##') returns 3241.98

3 formatDecimal

Converts a decimal value to a string value according to a specified format.

3.1 Input Parameters

The functionality of formatDecimal depends on whether it is used in a microflow or a nanoflow.

3.1.1 Microflows

  • Value to convert
    • Type: decimal
  • Format for the result based on the Java library DecimalFormat (for details, see Class DecimalFormat)
    • Type: string
  • Locale in which the results should be formated (optional)
    • For the supported values, see forLanguageTag
    • When omitted, the user configured locale is used
    • Type: string

3.1.2 Nanoflows

In nanoflows, this function only takes a single parameter:

  • Value to convert
    • Type: decimal

3.2 Output

A string representation of the decimal in the format specified by the format parameter.

  • Type: string

3.2.1 Microflow Examples

formatDecimal(1234.56, '#,###.#')

returns (depending on the language settings):

'1,234.5' or '1.234,5'


formatDecimal(1234.56, '¤ #,##0.00')

returns (depending on language settings):

'€ 1.234,50' or '$ 1,234.50'


formatDecimal(0.56, '% ##0')


'% 56' 

3.2.2 Nanoflow Examples

In a nanoflow, this will format the decimal using the format appropriate to the user’s locale.