Published REST Query Parameters

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The specification of a published REST operation includes a microflow that implements the operation. This microflow takes a number of parameters:

  • It may take a parameter of the HttpRequest type
  • It takes all the path parameters specified in the operation path of the operation

Any other parameters are automatically considered to be optional query parameters. A query parameter can only have a primitive type (Boolean, date and time, decimal, enumeration, integer/long, or string).

Query parameters are added to the end of the path following a question mark in the format ?name=John&age=42. This is shown in the example location of the operation.

These are some additional notes about query parameters:

  • Query parameters are case sensitive
  • Date and time parameters should be entered in the ISO-8601 format (for example, 2018-12-31T09:00:00)
  • When a client calls the operation without specifying the query paramater, it will have the value empty in the microflow (except when it has the Boolean type, which is false by default)