Technical Details of Published REST

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1 Introduction

This section of the Published REST documentation describes more technical aspects of the published REST capabilities of Mendix.

You can use published REST without knowing any of the details here. These documents allow you to further customize and troubleshoot Mendix published REST services.

2 Technical Documentation for Mendix Published REST

2.1 Published REST Routing

This page shows how an incoming HTTP request is processed and which operation will be executed for a given request.

It can be used both for troubleshooting, and to aid in designing your published REST service.

2.2 JSON Schema

Technical details of the JSON Schema which is created to support import and export mappings for an OpenApi (Swagger) documentation page.

2.3 OpenAPI 2.0 Documentation

Technical details of the swagger.jso file which is created to describe the published REST service on an OpenApi (Swagger) documentation page.

2.4 Parameters for the Custom Authentication Microflow

Describes the parameters which are passed to a microflow which is performing custom authentication for a published REST service.