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1 Introduction

Resources are helping documents in a module that cannot function on their own but can be used in other documents. For example, a microflow or a page can function on its own, but a Java action can only function in a microflow.

Resources can be reused in different modules of your app.

2 Adding Resources

To add a resource document, do the following:

  1. In the App Explorer, right-click the module or a folder you want to add a resource to and select Add other:

  2. In the Resources category, select the document you would like to add to your app.

3 Resources Overview

The Resources category contain various document types that can be used in different editors of Studio Pro:

Element Is used in Description
Java action Microflows Java actions can extend the functionality of your application. They can be called from microflows.
JavaScript action Nanoflow JavaScript actions can extend the functionality of your application. They can be called from nanoflows.
Rule Microflows Rules contain the application logic that should result in an enumeration or a Boolean. They are used in decisions in microflows.
Enumeration Domain model Enumerations are used to define attributes of an enumeration type.
Dataset Pages Datasets define the data shown in reports widgets.
Constant Microflow expressions and Consumed web services Constants are used to define configuration values.
Regular expression Domain model Regular expressions are used in validation rules to define criteria that a string should match to pass the validation. They cannot be used in other places which require regular expressions (for example, the isMatch() function).
Scheduled event Microflows Scheduled events let the runtime execute a microflow at a specific moment in time.
Document template Microflows Document template is used to format the document in a client and to download or print it.

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