Validation Feedback

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1 Introduction

The Validation feedback activity does a validation check, and if this check fails, it shows a red message to the end-user below the widget that displays the attribute or association which failed the validation. For example, if the customer did not verify their email, a message will be displayed that the customer should verify it before they can log in:

Validation Feedback

2 Properties

There are two sets of properties for this activity, those in the dialog box on the left, and those in the properties pane on the right:

Validation Feedback Properties

The Validation feedback properties pane consists of the following sections:

3 Action Section

The Action section of the properties pane shows the action associated with this activity.

You can open a dialog box to configure this action by clicking the ellipsis () next to the action.

You can also open the dialog box by double-clicking the activity in the microflow or right-clicking the activity and selecting Properties.

3.1 Variable

Variable specifies which object will be validated.

3.2 Member

Member defines for which attribute or association the message will be shown. In you have a reference selector or reference set selector, you should select the association that is edited with these widgets.

3.3 Template

Template is the message that will be shown to the end-user. The template can contain parameters that are written as a number between braces, for example, {1}. The first parameter has number 1, the second 2, etc.

3.4 Parameters

Parameters are attributes the value of which will be displayed. Parameters need to be entered using expressions resulting in a string.

4 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see Common Properties.

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