Workflow Parameters

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1 Introduction

A parameter is a special kind of variable that is used as input for the workflow. When a workflow is triggered, the parameters are filled with the current values.

In the workflow editor, you can see two parameters in the top-left corner: WorkflowContext and WorkflowInstance. In the picture below, the object is shown in blue and the parameter name is shown in black.

The WorkflowInstance parameter stores data on the workflow process.

The WorkflowContext parameter is a business-related data that travels through the workflow.

2 Properties

2.1 Entity

The entity used by the workflow parameter.

For WorkflowInstance parameter uses an entity that stores data on the workflow process. An WorkflowInstance entity (a specialization of System.Workflow) is generated when you create a new workflow and is automatically related to this parameter. You can add attributes to this entity that are specific to the workflow process and will be used throughout it.

The WorkflowContext parameter uses a business-related entity that travels through the workflow.

2.2 Name

Name is the name of the parameter and cannot be changed.