Authentication Widgets

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1 Introduction

Authentication widgets are used to sign users in and log them out.

Use a navigation profile setting to direct users to the correct authentication page.

The Authentication widgets category contains the following widgets:

  • Login ID text box – allows users to provide a login id for authentication

    Login ID Text Box Example

  • Password text box – allows users to provide a password for authentication

    Password Text Box Example

  • Sign-in button – sends a user’s login id and password to the server for authentication Sign-In Button Example

  • Sign-out button – signs the currently signed-in user out. The sign-out button is a button with an on-click event set to Sign out. For more information on on-click events, see the On Click Event & Events Section. For details on button properties. see Button Properties.

  • Validation message – informs a user about authentication failures if any

    Validation Message Example

2 Performing Basic Functions

For more information on how to add widgets to a page, view their properties, and arrange them, see Adding Elements on a Page, Viewing Element Properties, and Arranging Elements on a Page sections in Page.

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