Branch Line Manager

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1 Introduction

The Branch Line Manager is used to manage branch lines of an app that is stored on a version control server:

Branch Line Manager

To view the Branch Line Manager dialog box, open Version Control > Manage Branch Lines.

A branch line allows independent development from other development lines. There are two main reasons for creating a branch line: 1. To do maintenance development on a version of your app that is running in production. You can keep on developing in the main line while you fix issues in the branch line. 2. If you are starting the development of a very large feature that will take more than a day to develop. By doing this in a branch line you can commit the half-implemented feature (possibly even with errors) without disturbing other development in the main line.

2 Location

Use this setting to select the location where your app is stored. This can be either the Team Server or another SVN server.

2.1 Team Server App

Select the Team Server app of which you want to manage the branch lines. If you have an app open in Studio Pro it will be selected automatically. However, you can also manage branch lines without opening an app first, in which case no app will be selected.

For more information about the Mendix Team Server, see Team Server.

2.2 Other SVN Server App

In the SVN repository address field, enter the address of the app you want to manage and click Connect to load the available branches from the repository.

3 Managing Branch Lines

In the Branch Line Manager, you can create and delete branch line, enable and disable Mendix Studio for the project. For more information on how to perform these actions, see the Managing Development Lines in Studio Pro section in Collaborative Development.

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